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Welcome to HyperCam

A silly adult visual novel

Content Warning : Nudity, Hyper (unrealisticaly sized genitals)

Graphically inspired by the Phoenix Wright series, get to know Todd, your red fox classmate who have been missing school for obscure reasons. Enjoy more than fifteen(15) different expressions and a couple dick pics on your journey of friendship !

As of version 0.3, this game is still a demo !

Though if you enjoy wholesome sexy content, cute fox, and lewd chats, this game is for you ! Expect a very light hearted story about a friendship with benefits between the player and the main character !

Here's what's planned to be include to reach the mighty v1.0

  • The second half of the game
  • Actual CGs that delves deeper into our characters relationship
  • Inbetween expressions animations
  • Renpy's menus reskin
  • Moar dick pics !
  • Easter Eggs !!

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(311 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Furry


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HyperCam-0.3-win.zip 79 MB
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HyperCam-0.3-linux.tar.bz2 68 MB

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This game have a future (hope you mental health get better them)


we have been blessed with development on hold! Keep up the good work Todd!


What are you trying to accomplish with this message ?


This was so much fun honestly. Very much enjoyed this cute little demo


I really hope for a android version, pls be fine❤

best wishes~


I hope you really get well soon :c

Thank you very much for the kind words ! I'm doing my best and I'm in very good hands, no worries !


He actually isnt doing to well guys you can read about it on his subcribestar


Hey Todd, not sure if you actually read these but if you do, hope everything is well.


Hey ! Of course I read everything, even if sometime sporadically haha ! Thanks for your kind words, I'm taking good care of myself and be back asap =)


hey todd how are you doing if you are alright that is good let's all hope for the best for each others

Please Finish It Thanks :) GG


I'm loving this game and it's not even fully done yet, great work. I can't wait to see where this game goes.


Android port?


story plot twist, the character u play as is actually a hyper fur 


You got this Todd, I believe in you :3


This... literally isnt even a game. All this is is just spamming left click reading text. There's no interaction, no choices. It's just dialog between the "player" (who just... has his own personality and doesn't give you any inputs on what to say) and the character. The literal only input you have is the required "oh hey, click this little box to open the chat."

The art is good, dialog is meh to say the least, and no gameplay. People really have such low standards for gay nsfw games. 


It isnt even finished ye


And? if there's literally NO gameplay, then it shouldn't be released. There's quite literally no point to this. 

Jeez chillax
It's just a fun silly lewd visual novel
If you don't like it find a different project to enjoy lmao


Its a visual novel which typically the only "gameplay" you would have is dialogue options, not knowing what type of game you're playing is not a creative fault by the author. 


Considering there isn't any dialogue options, that point is moot. there's literally NO interaction in the game. That's a gameplay fault, not the genre. I know have visual novels play, this lacks the "play" aspect. 

Proving once again, the standards for games are abysmally low, jesus christ

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If you are so good at making games, make one yourself.

This isn't a game, it's a visual novel, different things. Where games do have some player input, visual novels are pretty much like books, as the name states.

Also I find it comical that you are bitching about a VN with a gay overly endowed fox, like go find something less dumb to complain about.

For you, the smartest thing is just not to continue responding. Every comment you just make youself look dumber and dumber.

Also for Todd, do not take this clown seriously.

edit, to clarify because Im concerned with you comprehension of basic concepts. Visual novels and text based games are different things. There are some visual novels that have some choices, but it is not a standart. Visual novels are meant to be linear, whereas games are mostly nonlinear, or have the player control a character via inputs.


L take


you got no concept of what a demo is huh?

Already really enjoyed this one. Great art and a cute story! Keep up the good work!


that is a really good game can't wait for the finish produc.


This is really cute and sexy. 


did he forgot the game?

I sometimes think that too


Hey there, and no I definitely didn't forgor my own game haha. I'm either extremely busy on other project or extremely depressed from the lack of energy that I spent on trying to catch up to deadlines. I'm working on managing my energy to have a more stable workflow. Progress have been done, but I'm still missing key assets to put out a new demo. I'm really doing my best to balance everything and make it happen in the best times possible. Hope that answered your questions !


Take your time, like a wise man once said, a rushed game is forever flawed, but a game that takes its time has more time to become great :D

Also not having energy, I get that, put your personal health above everything else, because you, yourself are important. Excited to see what comes next :3


This was a really nice short story. I wonder what the creator has more in store.

when is the next update for this game?


No date so far and I'm really sorry about it. But progress is made here and there and I hope to be able to put it out as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for looking forward to it !

alg take your time :) 


when is the next update

No date so far and I'm really sorry about it. But progress is made here and there and I hope to be able to put it out as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for looking forward to it !


hella exited to see how this develops in the future, since its already so good. one small request tho; when viewing Todd's pics, can there be an option to full-screen them?

Hey there ! Not really unfortunately =/ To have the best look possible while playing the game I draw them at the size they are display on the ingame screen so they are actually quite tiny ! But I will try to find a solution to view them in a bigger size, maybe to try to upsize them and redraw over them or something in this idea !


Damn this is REALLY good so far. Absolutely gonna be keeping an eye on this one.


the ending got me lol


I loved your game ^^ but I could have it for mobile too, it would be cool

(1 edit) (+1)

it is too good for it's own good like damn there is some good stuff in there im not going to say you have to play to see what i mean


guys, the longer the update takes the more new thing & gameplay we're getting

I wish that was true but not really...I'm struggling a lot with life and managing my projects so it just takes a lot of time and it's not time spent on polishing the project unfortunately =/

that's perfectly fine<3 sorry for the late reply, i've been busy too. just know that we support you, and there's no rush to get the next update out. please focus on yourself instead

This game's pretty cool! I especially like how you can sorta interact with the laptop. Idk, even if I can't do much I still find it super cool. Not really into this sorta thing, but I can't wait until it's done :) 👍


Is there will be an Android vversion i mean it's a compatible thing i hope it added android I'm very happy to see more💚

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Hey. can please soon update the game i enjoyed the character ,art style and design very much (i mean you dont have to rush) :D


this looks very interesting although is it going to be available for Android devices too

(1 edit) (+2)

enjoyed reading what was there :) can't wait for the next update, take your time :D (good demo in other words)


i cant wait for more :)


Damn I just got the pun in the title lol


For a demo this was really impressive. You've done a fantastic job so far! Eager to see what else is in store for the project! 

(1 edit)

I really like the demo ^^
I can't wait to see the other updates !

And I have some a questions, the hyper cock fox will growing ? Being a fan of hyper I was expecting something bigger I must admit ^^'


So, any update news??

 i want to see the full game 


Hey there, no news no. This is a one person project so it takes a while to make progress, and like anyone else I have to juggle with my life and my projects. I'm doing my best and thank you for your interest !


Don´t worry i get you, good luck with this project and with you life :3. Dying to see the full version :)


Yoo, do you have a discord server? This game amazing!

Hey ! No server discord is planned, it would even more work to keep ot afloat and I franckly don't see any good reason to make one. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it !


I made an account on itch just to write a comment on this game, I absolutely love the game. The story is great so far and I am looking forward to playing the version 1.0 when it comes out, I will be following. :3


Thank you very much for reaching out, I really appreciate it ! Hope to be able to get to 1.0 soon enough haha


fu*k i want stuff my face in them now

Ain't we all ? 😊

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